The Walking Dead: New behind the scenes photo shows key season 10 moment

Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC
Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC /

A new behind the scenes photo from The Walking Dead shows a big moment

There have been so many iconic moments after ten years of The Walking Dead, but Michonne’s final episode will go down as one of the most remembered moments of all time. Danai Gurira’s performance in “What We Become” was top rate, and a new behind the scenes image captures the episode’s intensity in stunning detail with a suggestion to follow TWD director of photography Duane Charles Manwiller, who is sharing more images on his social media.

According to the caption on Manwiller’s post, Gurira is rehearsing the scene in the clearing. Lucille is in her hand and “Rick” is on her knees before her. Gurira is missing Michonne’s iconic dreadlocks in the photo, which reflects her life with Negan as opposed to what she became as a result of the time spent with Rick.

Take a look:

The bright light in the background really helps to enhance the setting. As fans know, the scenes in the clearing in the show’s season 7 premiere are hard to watch. “What We Become” was able to take those moments and see things from the opposite perspective, which presented Rick’s group as the enemy. Michonne was able to escape the raid on the outpost and try to escape, but eventually it was Rick that ended up killing her.

“What We Become” was a key moment because as Danai Gurira said goodbye for the show, Michonne learned that “The Brave Man”, her code name for Rick, survived the incident at the bridge. With renewed hope, Michonne set off to follow the clues to see if she could find him, which could lead right into the upcoming Rick Grimes movie.

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We’re grateful to Manwiller for sharing this image, and let’s hope that he shares even more in the coming days and weeks!