Review: Daniel Sharman goes to the dark side in Netflix’s ‘Cursed’

CURSED Cr./Netflix © 2020
CURSED Cr./Netflix © 2020 /

‘Cursed’ on Netflix sends Fear TWD alum Daniel Sharman to a new realm

Daniel Sharman certainly knows how to play villains. The former Fear TWD star is now known as the Weeping Monk in the new Netflix series Cursed, and he brings

Cursed follows the early days of the Lady in the Lake from Arthurian legend. Katherine Langford stars as Nimue, a reluctant sorceress who becomes entangled in the quest for the mystical sword known as Excalibur that will change everything.

Sharman’s involvement in the pilot episode is limited, but the Weeping Monk has a bigger role starting with the second episode. His integral to the story and fans will have a chance to see his character grow throughout the season. And be warned, the Weeping Monk gives Troy Otto a run for his money. (Sharman is really good at playing villains)

Naturally, there will be comparisons between Cursed and Game of Thrones and even Netflix’s other high fantasy series, The Witcher. But in the end, there is more in common between The Witcher and Game of Thrones than there is with Cursed, and that’s due in large part to how colorful this strange new world is.

Cursed is visually appealing thanks to the show’s roots as a graphic novel from Frank Miller and Tom Wheeler. It embraces color rather than opting for the filtered look of the other two shows. Nimue’s world is beautiful, which is important because what happens to it (thanks to the Weeping Monk) spurs her to become the legend that she will be. And don’t let the bright colors fool you – the show is dark. There is gore and there is violence and some of it can be quite unsettling if that’s not your usual cup of tea.

The cast is brilliant. Langford and Sharman are exceptional, but watching Gustaf Skarsgard as Merlin is a lot of fun. Devon Terrell’s Arthur is charming and witty, and he’s perfectly paired with Langford’s Nimue.

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If you’re looking for something different to watch, if you enjoy stories set amidst the backdrop of Arthurian legend or if you’re a big fan of fantasy, then Cursed will be a good binge-watch for you. It’s easy to follow and easy to get lost in once you get settled.

Cursed is available now on Netflix.