Six unanswered questions about Fear TWD season six

Maggie Grace as Althea, Lennie James as Morgan Jones - Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 5, Episode 14 - Photo Credit: Van Redin/AMC
Maggie Grace as Althea, Lennie James as Morgan Jones - Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 5, Episode 14 - Photo Credit: Van Redin/AMC /
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Lennie James as Morgan Jones - Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 5, Episode 9 - Photo Credit: Van Redin/AMC
Photo Credit: Van Redin/AMC /

6) What happens to Morgan?

If one is to judge by the message Morgan gives over the length of the trailer, it would be assumed that he dies, but, not before giving some message of hope to the rest of his group.

However, there is something that we see in the trailer that puzzles me: As it ends, we see Morgan with a horrible, bloodshot eye, presumably, after he’s turned by the small gang of walkers that encircled him at the end of the season five finale. Now, it isn’t the gnarly bloodshot eye that puzzles me, but, Morgan’s behavior. We’ve seen people turn in The Walking Dead before — Amy, Shane, etc. — and what we saw with Morgan…didn’t look like that.

With Shane and Amy, they simply opened their eyes again, and got back up, but, with Morgan, it looked like he was stirring, like someone shook him out a sound sleep, this makes me wonder: Does Morgan die? Because, if I’m being honest…that’s not the vibe I get.

I don’t know what happens, but, at least from what we see in the trailer, it does not look like Morgan dies. I can’t say what it does look like, because there’s not enough to say one way or the other, but, I can damn sure theorize, so, get ready for a second mini Fear The Walking Dead Theory!!!

Mini Fear The Walking Dead Theory: Morgan…is IMMUNE.

We’ve seen Fear tickle at this possibility before with Dr. Nunez back in season two, when he convinced his community, La Colonia, that he was immune from the virus, owing to a bite he suffered from a drug addict not long before the outbreak, this was untrue, but, it formally introduced the idea into The Walking Dead universe.

Let’s think a minute at what we’ve seen, traditionally, when we watch a character turn: They go pale, their eyes go white, and they slowly get back up, the transformation complete. Morgan did none of these things. His skin color didn’t go pale, his eye was blood red, and, it looked like he stirred awake — I think my “shook out of a sound sleep” analogy earlier was right on the money — NONE of these are the traditional behavior of someone we’ve seen turn.

As fantastical as the idea of someone being immune might seem on its face, it actually makes sense once you think about it. With Wildfire (The zombie disease) being established as some kind of virus by Dr. Jenner way back in the season one finale of The Walking Dead, it stands to reason that there would be at least some portion of the human population that could, potentially, develop an immunity to it, or at least, being turned by a walker bite. Whether Morgan could die without turning is up in the air.

Now, you might wonder “If people can be immune to the virus, why haven’t we seen it in either Walking Dead show before now?!” And, to that I say: Just because a person is immune to the virus doesn’t mean they’re impervious to death. Think about all the different ways we’ve seen people die in either Walking Dead show, not all of them have been by walker bites, in fact, I’m willing to bet that the percentage of people we’ve seen in either shows killed by being turned by a walker is in the minority. For all we know, people like Hershel, Abraham, and The Governor might all have been immune to walker bites, but, because of how they died, we were never going to find out. Hell, even “Glasses Guy” from The Walking Dead season four finale, “A”, might have been immune to the walker bites, but, because he got swarmed, we would have never found out, as they simply tore him to shreds.

I’m not saying this is definite, just a theory I have, but, right now, with no other information to go off of, all I (Or any of us, for that matter) can do is speculate and question.

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And those are all of my unanswered questions about Fear The Walking Dead, season six. If you liked this and want to find out tips to survive a zombie apocalypse if we’re ever unfortunate to have on in the real world, why not pick up a copy of my book, The Rules: A Guide To Surviving The Zombie Apocalypse! You can also get it at Amazon here, on iTunes here!