A new album by Peter Luis Zimmerman out on July 21

The Walking Dead alum, Peter Luis Zimmerman released a new album today

The Walking Dead has many multitalented actors; not only can they act, but they are musicians, artists, photographers, teachers, etc.  One of those multitalented people is Peter Luis Zimmerman. He is not only one of our Hilltop Hotties, but this man can sing and make great music!

His new album is entitled ARTiFAXTS and you can listen here now!

This album is full of amazing sounds and heartfelt lyrics that you can’t help but bust a move and sing along to.

He shared the news on his social media today.


Zimmerman wrote all ten songs on the album.  He also produced five of the songs including, Art, Hollywood Addiction, Slippery Slope, Limbo, and One Day.

Record Producer and composer, Matt McLaughlin produced the other five songs on the album, Faxts, Sleep Walking, Voices, The Storm, and Getting Lost On Purpose.

Artist and fellow Walking Dead actor, Oscar Rodriguez III AKA OscarsRedHat is responsible for the fantastic cover art for this album. The use of colors is very eye-catching, and the likeness of Zimmerman is outstanding.

Zimmerman says he got the inspiration for his lyrics from his own real-life experiences, doing this project very near to his heart. He listened to electronic music, old school hip-hop, and alternative rock to inspire him for the sound on this album.

Doing some of the production on this project made me want to broaden my horizons for sounds I could implement over hip-hop tracks.

When I asked Zimmerman about artists he would want to collab with he stated that he is a huge fan of J Cole, Childish Gambino, Ellie Goulding, Jay Z, Ludwig Göransson & Hanz Zimmer (composing).

He also had an idea that Walking Dead fans would totally be on board for. A collaboration with Katelyn Nacon, who played Enid on The Walking Dead. 

I’d also mention Katelyn Nacon , Enid from TWD. Her and I had a brief conversation about us both being musicians during season 7 or 8. She has a great/unique sound.

Fans haven’t lost hope of seeing Zimmerman reprise his role as Eduardo in The Walking Dead.  Especially because Angela Kang gave them hope when she told Insider “Eduardo, I think he probably is at the Hilltop,”

Zimmerman has outdone himself with this new album. You can check out all of Zimmerman’s great music on his Spotify profile.