Is it too late for The Walking Dead to be nominated for an Emmy?

After ten seasons, The Walking Dead hasn’t been getting a lot of love from the Emmys. Is it time to give up hope of the show being recognized?

The Emmy nominees for the 2020 awards show have been announced and there was absolutely no love for The Walking Dead this year. That shouldn’t be much of a surprise to fans of the AMC zombie drama since the awards show regularly ignores the performances and accomplishments of the cast and crew.

Now ten seasons deep The Walking Dead has seen many great actors and performances come and go. However, the amazing performances have been overlooked by the Emmy committee while other shows in the same genre are heaped with love and appreciation.

Ratings have dwindled over the years but there are still many passionate viewers of the show. However, the rejuvenation of the show in seasons 9 and 10 brought new interest to the show thanks to great performances from Samantha Morton, Cailey Fleming, Danai Gurira, and many others.

After the most recent Emmys shutout, one question needs to be asked:

Is it too late for The Walking Dead to be nominated for an Emmy?

After ten seasons, it might be time to give up any hope of the Emmys recognizing the AMC zombie drama for anything other than makeup or stunts. While many fans likely get upset when great actors are snubbed for their performances, it is time to accept that the committee likely doesn’t see value in the undead series or its companion shows.

This is no fault of the show, cast, crew, or fans. However, for The Walking Dead to be so deep in their run and not see nominations for the leads or supporting cast by this point likely means that it’s too late for any hope of a nomination in the future.

That doesn’t mean fans should hold out hope for a nomination in the future. With World Beyond coming soon and more seasons of The Walking Dead and FearTWD coming, there is a chance one could catch the Emmy committee’s eye. But fans definitely shouldn’t hold their breath for that change to happen.