Comic-Con at Home: Fear TWD season 6 cast updates

Photo by Jesse Grant/Getty Images for AMC
Photo by Jesse Grant/Getty Images for AMC /

Comic-Con at Home brought some amazing Fear TWD season 6 news

We finally got to see all of our favorite faces of Fear the Walking Dead again through the virtual Comic-Con at Home experience that brought the cast together via video chat. Though San Diego Comic-Con was cancelled, Comic-Con at Home was just as exciting as SDCC, and it was a place for fans to learn more about what to expect in Fear TWD season 6, which will premiere on October 11.

As you all know, Fear The Walking Dead season 5 ended with the characters being forcibly split up into groups after being taken prisoner by Virginia and her people. Virginia took everyone but Morgan with her; at the last moment she decided to shoot him in the chest and leave him for dead. (Is he alive? Is he dead? We can’t wait to find out!)

Now, in season 6 with a whole new type of community, we will certainly see new characters come out of this and the new trailer hinted at a few of them.

One new character in particular that was brought to fans’ attention was Zoe Colletti, who will be playing a character named Dakota. Dakota is the younger sister of Virginia and she is said to bring a totally different vibe to Virginia’s character. She will be younger, so maybe she will share a friendship with the character Charlie.

Another character that will be crossing over to Fear The Walking Dead will be Sherry, played by Christine Evangelista. She will be reunited with Dwight but it is unknown how that will happen, and it is said to not be how we expect because they are both very different people now.

The trailer hints at some new people that we will meet in the coming weeks as more casting news is announced.

Virginia does not know Morgan’s fate in Fear the Walking Dead season 6. light. Related Story

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