Undead Walking Podcast: Chatting with Fear TWD star Karen David

Photo by Jesse Grant/Getty Images for AMC
Photo by Jesse Grant/Getty Images for AMC /

The latest episode of the Undead Walking Podcast features Fear TWD star Karen David

After all of the exciting news that came out of Comic-Con at Home, the Undead Walking Podcast welcomed Fear TWD star Karen David to talk about life, Grace and season 6 of Fear the Walking Dead.

Karen David is a beacon of light. She exudes warmth and grace and kindness, and fans have been able to join her throughout the pandemic on her web series Tea with Karen, where she welcomes her celebrity friends for a chat over a cuppa. She promotes fun and exciting  challenges for fans to help promote self-care and kindness in the midst of strife, and she has created a vibrant online community where her fans can come together in a safe space.

The last time fans saw David in Fear the Walking Dead season 5, Grace had just learned that she was pregnant. Unfortunately, the joyous news came as the group was being torn apart by Virginia and her people and Grace had no idea that Virginia shot Morgan and left him for dead at the end of the finale.

LISTEN: Karen David on the Undead Walking Podcast

Fans had a chance to see David and Lennie James have some fun during the TWD Universe Family Hangout during Comic-Con at Home weekend, and she talks in the podcast about what it was like doing a virtual convention this year.

David also talked at length about how Grace’s story has been one of redemption. When we first meet her, she is trying to keep the irradiated walkers from venturing beyond her self-created exclusion zone. Once she starts opening up to Morgan and the rest of the group, she realizes that she

Stay tuned, because next week Skybound’s Johnny O’Dell will join the Undead Walking Podcast to talk about all things The Walking Dead.

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