LISTEN: Undead Walking Podcast on TWD filming, comics and foil fever

Behind the scenes: The Walking Dead 707. Photo credit: Rosemary Rodriguez
Behind the scenes: The Walking Dead 707. Photo credit: Rosemary Rodriguez /

New episode of the Undead Walking Podcast covers news across the TWD Universe

The latest episode of the Undead Walking Podcast is out now and this week hosts Adam B. Carlson and Sarabeth Pollock cover all of the latest news across the TWD Universe including filming updates for The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead, comic book news and all of the possibilities for expansion and a fun conversation about “foil fever.”

The Walking Dead fans got a sense of when production will resume for their favorite shows and Adam and Sarabeth offered their thoughts about what filming in the “new normal” might look like. With a focus on safety, it’s great to hear that work will resume soon. Of course, we don’t know if the work on The Walking Dead includes the newly announced six bonus episodes, season 11 or a combination of both.

The conversation also covered the exciting world of possibilities between The Walking Dead comics and the show as one-shot issues present an opportunity to expand stories seen in both the comics and the show. It’s a brave new world for the TWD Universe, and the demand for foil covers and more TWD content prove that fans are eager for more.

This week’s special guest will be Skybound’s Johnny O’Dell, who is well known to the TWD Family as the person behind the company’s social media accounts and the host of the Talk Dead to Me Podcast. If you love reaction videos and comic book comparisons, that’s Johnny’s work. You can catch our interview in this Sunday’s podcast.

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