Happy birthday to The Walking Dead alum Emily Kinney

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Happy birthday wishes go out to The Walking Dead alum Emily Kinney

So many characters have come and gone on The Walking Dead over the years but few have left an impression behind like Beth Greene. As Maggie’s half sister and Hershel’s daughter, Beth struggled to establish her identity and right when she was at her prime, she died standing up for what she believed in. August 15 is Emily Kinney’s birthday and it’s time to celebrate a beloved member of the TWD Family.

Kinney joined the show in season 2, and though Beth was raised under Hershel’s watchful eye it was clear from the start that she had a wild spirit under her calm demeanor. Losing her mother was particularly traumatic and if not for the rest of her family, her newfound friends and the threat bearing down on their farm, she might not have recovered.

But she did. Beth went on to become a valued member of the group, and after being separated from Daryl in season 5, she found herself at Grady Memorial working under a group of police officers that went rogue and were running their own shelter under an abusive and manipulative system. Dawn befriended Noah, one of the patient-inmates, and together they formulated a plan to escape. When things went awry, Beth was left behind and upon her rescue she died in the arms of one of the tormentors.

Kinney was promoted to series regular in season 4, and over the course of the show she was able to showcase her love for music. Not only did fans have a chance to enjoy Beth’s singing, but outside of the show Kinney has recorded several albums while also appearing in other programs.

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Just as Beth Greene remains a fan favorite character, Kinney is a beloved member of the cast and she is always surrounded by fans during conventions.

Happy birthday, Emily Kinney, from your friends at Undead Walking!