New Fear TWD season 6 key art will blow your mind

Photo by Jesse Grant/Getty Images for AMC
Photo by Jesse Grant/Getty Images for AMC /

AMC released Fear TWD season 6 key art and it’s utterly terrifying

One of the biggest questions in the minds of Fear the Walking Dead fans at the end of season 5 was whether or not The Walking Dead Universe OG Morgan Jones would be able to survive being shot. Now, new Fear TWD season 6 key art seems to give fans an answer.

Undead Walking got an early look at Fear TWD season 6 key art and it paints a picture of what might be coming in the new season, which debuts on October 11 on AMC. In the image, Morgan’s eyes are blood-red and he’s sporting a beard, which suggests that he has survived at least long enough to grow some facial hair.

The caption reads “The Past Is Dead.”

That’s ominous. And very dark.

Naturally, fans have been wondering what will become of Morgan after Virginia shot him at the end of the season 5 finale. He was last seen talking on the radio as a group of walkers were bearing down on him at the church and from the look of things, his fate was sealed.

Now, though, his new appearance in the key art might confirm that he survives. Did someone hear him on the radio? Did Sherry show up and save the day? Or was it someone in a helicopter? How much time has passed?

And why are Morgan’s eyes red!? (That’s what I really want to know!)

With the group torn apart by Virginia and the Pioneers, season 6 will have a very different feel as everyone struggles to adapt to their new environments without the support of their friends. We can also assume that everyone will be working to find a way back together, but that might be a tall order given Virginia’s complex network of key-bearing communities.

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