What does the Fear TWD key art reveal about Morgan?

BTS, Lennie James as Morgan Jones - Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 6 - Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC
BTS, Lennie James as Morgan Jones - Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 6 - Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC /

Key art for Fear the Walking Dead shows a new, terrifying-looking Morgan Jones

New key art from Fear the Walking Dead shows Morgan Jones in a state like never before, and fans couldn’t help but notice this could be a callback to a famous phrase spoken in the iconic episode “Clear.” All the way back in season 3 of The Walking Dead when Rick found Morgan, he was in mental anguish, saying many outlandish things. However, now he has appeared to predict his own future.

Morgan Jones in “Clear” was still reeling over the nature of how he lost his family. He was truly a lost man. At one point he said, “and I see red, I see red, everything is red, everything I see is red and I do it.” This of course being in regard to having to put down his wife after she attacked his son. It’s a powerful performance that has stuck with many fans.

This new key art for Fear the Walking Dead shows a close up of what viewers have seen in the promos and it’s truly horrifying. Morgan Jones, with red eyes and the phrase, “The past is gone.” This can lead to many conclusions and thoughts, but the one thing that seems to be positive is his appearance in this photo is aged.

In this picture, Morgan Jones has a beard, and when we last see him he doesn’t. Since walkers just decay, and not age or grow hair and nails, we can assume Morgan survives his initial wounds. On the flip side, the look on his face and the color of his eyes may paint an even worse picture.

Morgan Jones having red eyes could signify not only has he regressed back into the clear mode but that he potentially worse mentally now than ever before. Which for Morgan is a scary thought. It’s easy to fall in the category of loving to see his fighting mode, but viewers can’t forget what that could mean for characters fans love.

The Morgan Jones that fans meet in season 3 of The Walking Dead is a desperate man who nearly killed Rick Grimes. Considering he was unstable because of what he went through, he wasn’t as calculated as the Morgan of later seasons. For example, when wiping out the Saviors he was calculated, terrifying, and efficient, wiping out everyone bad in his path.

Now imagine this new clear mode, is combination of all forms, but escalated times 10 and directed at everyone in his path. In this case, even friends could be in trouble. Perhaps the reason all the cast are saying season 6 of Fear The Walking Dead is dark is that the one person that was guiding them is now their enemy. The past is truly gone.

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Fear The Walking Dead season 6 looks like it will really bring fear back into the show. What do you think of the new key art? Are you scared for Morgan? Tweet me your thoughts @Mamadeadhead!