The Walking Dead 1016: 3 things we want to see from Kelly

Angel Theory as Kelly- The Walking Dead _ Season 10, Episode 12 - Photo Credit: Jace Downs/AMC
Angel Theory as Kelly- The Walking Dead _ Season 10, Episode 12 - Photo Credit: Jace Downs/AMC /

Kelly could be a very important asset in The Walking Dead season 10 finale

The Walking Dead has added many characters over the last few season, and of those additions (not counting Alpha) none have impressed me as much as Kelly. There’s something fierce in this character that appeals to me as a viewer.

In one of the most perfectly cast roles, Angel Theory’s Kelly brings an honesty and rawness to the struggles Kelly faces with her hearing loss. With the wait for the finale slowly creeping up on us as like a legless walker, here are three things I would love to see from Kelly in the finale.

Using Sign Language to Team Family’s Advantage

In a beautiful moment between Kelly and Carol in season 10 episode 15 “The Tower”, Kelly spoke about the fact the community members are learning ASL because of her. With that, I would LOVE to see Kelly and the others that venture into the hoard using ASL to communicate with each other.

I would also like to see those left behind using it as well. Learning another language can be difficult, especially if you are older, but it shows a sense of welcoming and acceptance when we take the time to learn a language to communicate with someone that doesn’t or can’t speak like we do.  On the show, it also has a tactical advantage when silent communication is important.  I hope to see Kelly use her “Super Power” to the advantage of our group.

Kelly Should Learn Connie’s Fate

The question of Connie’s fate is something I hope Kelly learns in the finale. Kelly is the person MOST impacted by Connie’s disappearance and whether Connie is alive or not, I want Kelly to get an answer.  The bond between the sisters is one of my favorites on the show, reminding me of other sibling pairings (Tyreese and Sasha, Maggie and Beth, Andrea and Amy, Daryl and Merle) that I enjoyed. I hope they settle the question in the finale rather than dragging it out till next season.

Kelly Needs to Survive

At the end  of it all, the thing I want most for Kelly is for her to survive.  I want to see Kelly become a key member of our group and I want to see more of her journey. There are a lot of reasons I want her to continue on the show, but the biggest one is the representation she brings as a young black woman and as a member of the DEAF community. As someone who is losing her hearing, it’s nice to see someone else survive and potentially thrive in a world that would be a challenge for anyone, but especially someone who is losing their hearing.

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Survival, finding out her sister’s fate and using ASL to her advantage in the hoard are the three things I want most for Kelly in the finale. I also want to see more of the delightful Angel Theory on my screen.