The Walking Dead: Daryl and Negan should kill Beta together

Will an unlikely duo come together to fight Beta in The Walking Dead 1016?

Daryl and Negan will probably never become friends, but even Daryl has given Negan some respect for protecting Lydia and helping Carol in her mission to kill Alpha. Though many fans want to see Daryl and Beta fight in The Walking Dead season 10 finale, there is an argument to be made for Daryl to team up with his former nemesis to take out the leader of the Whisperers.

At this point, everyone has a reason to want Beta dead. Except Beta, of course.

The big question is who will be the one to take him out.

Negan was able to take out Alpha with minimal effort because he’d weaseled his way inside her inner circles and took advantage of her weakness. He’d been working under the pretense of helping Carol, but there’s no question that it became personal when he discovered how Alpha regarded her daughter. Protecting Lydia became Negan’s own mission, and it was one he took seriously.

Daryl also wanted to protect Lydia and when he wasn’t there for her, he was begrudgingly happy that Negan was. He also knows that Negan has no reason to stick around but he has, and he respects that. But that’s it.

Though the two men have zero reason to like each other, they do have a common desire to get rid of the Whisperers. They have both encountered Beta and have their own reasons for wanting to kill him, and rather than wage a personal campaign against him it would make much more sense to work together. No one suspects that they would work together, so they could launch an offensive against Beta to ensure that he dies with the least amount of collateral damage.

Daryl has every reason to want to protect the survivors holed up in the hospital. These are people he cares about. For Negan, he wants to stay alive, of course, but he also wants to protect Judith and Lydia (and RJ), too. Knowing that the Whisperers don’t care about killing children doesn’t sit well with him, so if nothing else Negan will be ready to defend the children.

Taking out Beta isn’t going to be easy and with the massive horde bearing down on the survivors, resources will be pushed to their limit. There might be one shot, so working together will ensure that they get the job done right the first time.

The Walking Dead season 10 finale airs Sunday, October 4 at 9pm on AMC.