LISTEN: Guests Mo Collins and Alex Skuby join the Undead Walking Podcast

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The latest Undead Walking Podcast features Mo Collins and Alex Skuby

Fear the Walking Dead’s Mo Collins knows her way around the apocalypse on the show. When it comes to life in the pandemic, she and husband Alex Skuby navigated the uncertainty like the rest of us but they added a much-needed twist of humor to make it through. Collins and Skuby joined host Sarabeth Pollock on the Undead Walking Podcast to talk about life, pandemic life, married life, Jeep life and what’s coming up in Fear the Walking Dead season 6.

Collins and Skuby have been quarantining together since the start of the pandemic and their journey has been documented on social media.

Indeed, their social media has been the perfect blend of concern, humor, awareness, activism and education with a healthy dose of life in the pandemic. They celebrated their anniversary in lockdown, as well as Collins’ birthday.

Like so many of us, they started to get a little stir crazy and started doing really interesting things, like swapping clothing. Collins’ iconic Mad TV character Lorraine even made a cameo appearance.

If Skuby’s voice sounds familiar, it’s no surprise because he has been in just about everything you can imagine, including The King of Queens and The Fosters. He’s also done a ton of voice work, but theater might be his greatest love…after Collins and his Jeep.

LISTEN: Interview with Mo Collins and Alex Skuby

Next Sunday the fun continues with an interview with Fear TWD executive producer Michael E. Satrazemis about what to expect in the upcoming season.

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