Could Fear TWD characters appear on Tales of the Walking Dead?

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Tales of the Walking Dead opens up a world of new crossover possibilities

For several years, AMC and The Walking Dead executives insisted that there would never be crossovers between The Walking Dead and its companion series, Fear TWD. In fact, Fear TWD was not allowed to be called a spin-off for that very reason. Now, though, crossovers are officially possible and the newly announced Tales of the Walking Dead opens up a world of possibilities.

Though Tales of the Walking Dead likely won’t debut until 2023, there are plenty of places from which the show could draw story ideas. The new anthology series from Scott M. Gimple is said to feature characters from the past and present.

While there is no indication that the show will include characters from outside of The Walking Dead, it seems like a sure bet to include characters from Fear TWD, World Beyond and any other TWD-oriented mediums including comics, video games and the popular webisodes.

Naturally, fans of Fear TWD would love to see characters like Madison Clark make a return in an anthology episode that details her time after the dam. But perhaps even more intriguing would be stories like that of Tobias, the teen who saw the world ending but no one was listening. There could be a story about Troy and Jake Otto and their life early on at Broke Jaw Ranch, or La Colonia when Luciana first arrived.

And who wouldn’t want to see Mercedes Mason reprise her role as Ofelia and chronicle her time out on her own.

In essence, every time jump or period of time when a character has been “missing” (we’re looking at you, Heath!) could yield stories for Tales of the Walking Dead.

The list of possible stories to tell from the Fear TWD Universe is almost endless as we have met so many people over the show’s five seasons. Tales of the Walking Dead would be a great chance to see those stories play out in a way that would never have worked in the show.

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