Rosemary Rodriguez shares TWD video of Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus

Behind the scenes: The Walking Dead 707. Photo credit: Rosemary Rodriguez
Behind the scenes: The Walking Dead 707. Photo credit: Rosemary Rodriguez /

Rosemary Rodriguez gives fans a look at what it takes to bring TWD “The Obliged” to life

The Walking Dead is known for having a group of directors that pop in to direct an episode from time to time, and the TWD Family knows Rosemary Rodriguez from her amazing work on season 7’s “Sing Me a Song”, season 8’s “The Damned” and season 9’s “The Obliged.” Rodriguez shared a look at bringing the motorcycle scene to life in “The Obliged” and it’s a real treat to see the magic come to life.

When it comes to directing an episode of The Walking Dead, it’s more like a miniature movie come to life over the course of a few days. There are so many moving pieces between pre-production, filming and post-production that it’s a massive effort with each episode.

Rodriguez knows what it takes to film The Walking Dead, and she shared a look at how they film motorcycle scenes in one of season 9’s most poignant episodes, “The Obliged”.

“The Obliged” is an important episode for TWD fans because it marks the beginning of the end for star Andrew Lincoln’s tenure on the show. It sets up Rick Grimes’ final episode when it ends with him being impaled after being thrown from his horse.

It’s a big moment for Rick and Daryl Dixon, too, because the two men get into a big fight and roll into a pit. Once they settle their differences, which stem from how things have been running since the communities came together, they manage to be the brothers they are when they realize that walkers are bearing down on their home.

One of the scenes includes Norman Reedus riding his motorcycle with Andrew Lincoln on the back, and that’s what Rodriguez shows in her behind the scenes look at filming the episode. In order to capture the action, a rig is used so that Grimes and Norman Reedus don’t have to worry about driving, rather the bike is attached to the rig and several cameras are set up to capture their lines as they drive down a road.

It’s a bittersweet moment knowing this is one of the last times fans will see Rick and Daryl together, but it’s also a very powerful moment that reminds fans of one of the great friendships on the show.

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