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TWDUniverse on Twitch
TWDUniverse on Twitch /

TWDUniverse on Twitch includes an interactive TWD Sundays for fans

AMC is raising the bar for fans with the launch of the TWDUniverse Channel on Twitch. With hours of original content, TWDUniverse will serve as a hub for fans to check out exclusive content and interact in real time. The biggest component of TWDUniverse is TWD Sundays, a four hour block of continuous programming built around new episodes each week.

Starting October 4, fans will be able to log into Twitch for the Recapping Dead pre-show, followed by the Live Watch Party that will allow for a fun and immersive second screen experience complete with live reactions to the new episode, followed by an After Show at the end of the night where fans can decompress.

TWD Sundays will cover all of the shows in The Walking Dead Universe, including TWD, Fear TWD and World Beyond.

AMC’s innovative partnership with Twitch allows fans an enhanced and interactive viewing experience, and the TWDUniverse Channel will serve as the hub.

Here are the details about TWD Sundays from AMC’s press release:

"TWD SundaysLaunches Sunday, October 4 with 4 hours of continuous streaming content each week:7:30pm Recapping Dead Pre-Show – Hosts dive into recaps of the previous week’s episode, explore theories and give their best predictions and speculations before the new episode premieres on television.9:00pm Live Watch Party – During the episode, TWDUniverse will keep streaming on Twitch to create a live second screen experience for new episodes in The Walking Dead Universe with behind-the-scenes info pop-ups, interactions from the community and live host reactions.11:00pm After Show – Following the premiere of Talking Dead, fans can continue the discussion in a more informal, interactive space on Twitch, taking a deeper dive into the new episodes."

As you can see, AMC and Twitch are creating a place for fans to interact outside of traditional social media (i.e. Twitter). In addition to the interactive elements, fans will also be able to enjoy hours and hours of original content, including Re-Watching Dead, a weekly “exploration” of past episodes of The Walking Dead.

There’s no question that AMC is upping the ante in its dedication to The Walking Dead, and after ten years they’re growing the franchise in exciting and innovative ways to keep fans engaged and help to build the fan community beyond social media. And with an ever-changing demographic of viewers, Twitch is the perfect platform to kick off their new endeavor.

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What do you think of the TWDUniverse Channel and TWD Sundays? Will you be tuning in? Let us know in the comments!