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TWDUniverse on Twitch
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The Walking Dead Universe is expanding again with a custom Twitch channel

AMC Networks announced Thursday morning that they are launching a brand new streaming channel on Twitch dedicated to The Walking Dead Universe. What does this mean for fans? Brand new exclusive original content, interaction with TWD-themed programming and more TWD to enjoy.

This bold new partnership between AMC and Twitch is a first of its kind. According to an AMC press release, the TWDUniverse Channel on Twitch will deliver “a truly unique, interactive way for fans to celebrate and engage with The Walking Dead Universe by live-streaming original TWD-oriented programming exclusively on Twitch. Live, original shows empower fans to become part of the content experience with Twitch’s unique interactivity, making it the ideal service to create conversation and a home for The Walking Dead community.”

The streaming fun begins on Sunday, September 20 and the initial launch includes roughly 12 hours of original content each week, including the Launch Party and The Walking Dead Catch-Up on September 20, a weekly deep dive into episodes on Re-Watching Dead on Thursdays beginning September 24, and a World Beyond Celebration on September 27 to kick off the premiere of TWD: World Beyond. Hosts and TWD fans Clarke Wolfe, Ronetta Renay and Dylan Gabriel Guerra will lead fans in the fun, which promises to be innovative and interactive and wholly original.

The real fun begins when the shows return, starting on October 4. That’s when the TWDUniverse really comes alive on Twitch with what they’re calling TWD Sundays. Fans will be able to watch the Recapping Dead Pre-Show at 7:30pm, followed by a Live Watch Party of the new episodes at 9pm, and then a live After Show to follow Talking Dead at approximately 11pm. Fans will be able to watch along and engage with the fan community live on Twitch with exclusive behind the scenes information and content.

AMC is creating a vibrant and interactive fan community, once again showing their dedication to The Walking Dead franchise as it continues to grow and expand. David Beck, AMC’s executive vice-president and head of programming strategy sees the TWDUniverse as a chance to link the fandom and the ever-growing universe:

"As the storytelling and characters that span The Walking Dead Universe continue to grow, so do the innovative ways we reach and engage with fans – both old and new – across social media and popular new platforms like Twitch. Sunday nights on Twitch are audience-first and fan-centric, and we are thrilled at this opportunity to build something new for passionate fans of The Walking Dead Universe, giving them a new community to celebrate the Universe, channel their enthusiasm and express their fandom."

AMC has partnered with Hyper RPG to help with the livestreaming and technical details of the TWDUniverse. Michael Aragon, SVP of Content at Twitch, notes that this partnership will help to provide content to fans in the way audiences want to experience it with greater interaction beyond watching the show. “On Twitch, we’re able to create deeply immersive experiences that extend the world of The Walking Dead and enhance how fans interact with the show and each other.”

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What do you think of the TWDUniverse? Will you be joining in the fun? Let us know what you think in the comments!