Will The Walking Dead Universe ever see an earthquake?

Photo Credit: Sarah Shatz/AMC
Photo Credit: Sarah Shatz/AMC /

Natural disasters haven’t played a major role on The Walking Dead thus far

When The Walking Dead fans saw snow for the first time on the show in season 9 it was exciting. It was different. It was something that hadn’t been done before. Weather has played a role in the shows of The Walking Dead Universe before, but sparingly given how long the shows have been on. Could we see more weather and natural disasters in the future?

The zombie apocalypse will be rough no matter what the weather is like, but the addition of inclement weather makes it even more challenging. The Walking Dead really hasn’t dealt with a lot of weather over the course of its ten seasons. There was a terrible drought, there was a snowstorm and a fallen satellite led to forest fires. That’s about it.

Rick hinted at a major storm in his final episodes when they were trying to build the bridge. The storms caused the river to overflow its banks, making travel challenging, and that’s why they needed the bridge so badly. Of course, the bridge never came to pass, but it likely would have helped a lot.

Fear the Walking Dead has seen a hurricane and subsequent flooding. One of the interesting things about their portrayal of the hurricane were the little signs pointing to major weather events. Without modern radar, they had to turn to nature for clues that a major hurricane was bearing down on them, like the birds fleeing the area.

Weather tends to follow seasonal patterns so over time it would be possible to create a rough idea of when to expect storms or tornadoes. Earthquakes would be an entirely different matter because they’re not predictable and they could cause massive damage that could change everything in a matter of seconds.

Seeing an earthquake on The Walking Dead would be interesting given that it puts survivors and walkers on a level playing field for a few brief moments. (Unless you’re with a walker during the earthquake, in which case you’re probably doomed.)

Earthquakes happen without notice and can cause all kinds of problems depending on the severity, from crumbling buildings to broken bridges. Broken gas lines could be a major hazard if they catch fire, creating a fiery inferno that could burn for a long time depending on how much gas is in the lines.

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Though earthquakes and natural disasters are not something you want to see or experience in real life, seeing them play out in the zombie apocalypse would be a game changer for the survivors and would add another layer to the already complex stories.