The Creepshow Halloween Special coming in October

Image Courtesy Shudder
Image Courtesy Shudder /

Greg Nicoteo, Stephen King and Joe Hill team up for The Creepshow Halloween Special

Shudder’s Creepshow set records for AMC Networks’ horror streaming service in its freshman season and work is about to begin on season 2. Now, AMC and Shudder have announced The Creepshow Halloween Special from legends Greg Nicotero, Stephen King and Joe Hill, an animated special designed to give horror fans a little thrill this Halloween season.

According to a press release from AMC, The Creepshow Halloween Special will feature Kiefer Sutherland and Joey King will star in the horror-filled holiday special. King and his son, Hill, provide two stories that are sure to thrill fans.

In “Survivor Type,” Nicotero adapts King’s haunting tale of a man (Sutherland) who is trying to stay alive on a deserted island no matter what it takes. Then, in Hill’s “Twittering from the Circus of the Dead” (adapted by Melanie Dale), King and his family take a very memorable trip to a circus, but they have no idea what they’ve gotten themselves into.

“Halloween wouldn’t be complete without Creepshow, so with the help of the father and son team of Stephen and Joe as well as a fantastic animated format, we get to continue the tradition and spirit of Halloween,” said showrunner and director Greg Nicotero.

The animated format makes perfect sense because it allowed Nicotero and his team to work on it even as COVID-19 kept production of live-action shows at a standstill. The animation will come from the talented team at Octopie animation studio.

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Shudder has been very pleased with the franchise’s performance so far, and the streamer’s general manager Craig Engler is thrilled about the special filling the gap until season 2 is ready. “Although season 2, now in production, has been delayed due to COVID, Greg and his team were still able to pull off this fantastic special so everyone will be able to enjoy a little bit of Creepshow during Halloween season.”

The Creepshow Halloween Special will premiere October 26 on Shudder.