Norman Reedus featured on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Norman Reedus shares filming, quarantine, and his new book on Jimmy Kimmel Live

The Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus was featured on Jimmy Kimmel Live on September 24. He was interviewed via video on location in Georgia.

The interview gave us a lot of good information on what Reedus has been up to since quarantine. He bought a house in Los Angeles where he lives with his partner Diane Kruger and their daughter. Reedus purchased the house while Kruger was at a meeting, and he texted to let her know they would be moving from their rental home to their new home. He said she did forgive him for doing this without her consent.

Reedus did take time to fly to New York during quarantine to drive their vehicle back to LA so they would have transportation. He said the highways were empty as well as the hotels. I would imagine it felt like an episode of The Walking Dead.  He had a giant stuffed monkey as his co-pilot.

Kimmel asked Reedus if he was in his Air BnB when it was apparent he was in some sort of studio, and this brought laughs from both of them. He told Kimmel he was in the conference room of the studio and showed rows of photos on the walls of all the characters from The Walking Dead that have died.

As far as filming for The Walking Dead, he shared that they are taking many precautions. They have to take a COVID test three times a week. There is even an epidemiologist from the Pentagon as the onset doctor. So, they are taking every precaution to keep our cast members and crew safe during this time.

Their discussion turned to the filming of season eleven and the bonus episodes. He stated that they are currently filming the six mini-episodes to see how things work with filming during the epidemic. Those episodes will be an extension of the season ten finale that will air on AMC on October 4.

The plan is to then follow with the filming of season eleven, which will be two seasons worth of episodes that will be filming in one long run.

Kimmel asked him about the Daryl and Caryl spinoff that will air after the conclusion of The Walking Dead series. Reedus said, “It’s a different type of show. It will be completely different” They joked that it would be a sitcom, and Reedus agreed that concept would be funny.

For fans of Ride with Norman Reedus, Reedus shared that ahead of the pandemic, he was filming in New Zealand with Dylan McDermitt and Josh Brolin. So, hopefully, he can continue filming for that series again soon.

There was also a discussion about his new book Portraits From The Woods: Photography by Norman Reedus that proceeds of the sales will go to the Covid-19 Response Fund. You can pre-order the book that is set to ship on October 31 at Big Bald Gallery. Like many of Reedus’ photography, it features many fun photos that he has captured.

“I always have my eyes open. PORTRAITS FROM THE WOODS is like stepping in my own shoes, seen through my own eyes with my sense of humor. “ Norman Reedus

Kimmel asked him if he would feel equipped to fight off zombies in the real world. Reedus explained that he has many weapons in his home and would throw his cat, Eye in the Dark, towards the zombies and then fight his way through them. They shared a laugh that he would sacrifice his cat, and Reedus said, “My cat’s an asshole.” Which is a phrase he often uses to describe his cat.

It was great to see that filming has resumed and that they are cautious about the wellbeing of the cast, crew, and everyone involved.

Be sure to catch the season ten finale of The Walking Dead on AMC on October 4.