The Walking Dead 1016: Who sent the letter that brought Maggie back?

Who sent a letter to bring Maggie back in The Walking Dead season 10 finale?

One of the biggest moments in the season 10 finale of The Walking Dead was when Maggie reunited with the survivors once again, saving Father Gabriel’s life.

At the beginning of the episode, when Gabriel is telling the kids about the “others” that are going to help them fight the Whisperers, the camera pans over to Maggie, who is reading some sort of letter telling her that she “[needs] to come back.”

The letter continues on to tell Maggie about the Whisperers and the chaos and pain they have inflicted upon the survivors. It mentions the deaths of some of Maggie’s closest confidants, including Jesus, Tara, and Enid. We don’t know exactly how long Maggie has been gone for, but she sure has missed a lot.

So, who sent the letter to Maggie?

The answer is clear: Carol.

At the beginning of the letter, when listing some of the deaths at the hands of the Whisperers, the last person mentioned is Henry, who is referred to as “my son.” This means that either Carol or Ezekiel sent the letter to Maggie. We know that Carol has a strong relationship with Maggie that began all the way in season 2, so it’s more or less certain that it was Carol who wrote the letter.

It isn’t shocking to learn that Maggie and Carol had some sort of plan to keep in contact once she left for Georgie’s community. How they were able to leave letters in a spot accessible to them both does lead to some interesting questions, though.

Is Georgie’s community closer to Alexandria, Hilltop, and Oceanside than we thought? Did Carol drop off the letter when she was out looking for supplies on a boat at the beginning of season 10?

Perhaps we will learn more about the plan Carol and Maggie set up to send letters in the bonus season 10 episodes that will heavily feature Maggie.

We didn’t really get to see Maggie and Carol reunite in this episode, but they will certainly interact plenty in future episodes. Since Carol was the one to bring her back, I’m sure Maggie will have plenty of questions for her longtime friend, namely “What the hell happened to Hilltop?”

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