TWD World Beyond: Fans react to the second episode

TWD World Beyond aired its second episode, and fans react on social media

The second spin-off in The Walking Dead universe, World Beyond, has been getting mixed reviews from fans. But, what people need to remember is this is a brand new show, characters need to get established, and these kids have been living behind walls with limited interaction with what is beyond those walls.

The title itself tells you they will be exploring the world beyond the walls they have been confined to. They have lived their lives in a world that no longer exists. A world where kids go to school and don’t try to adapt to a post-apocalyptic world.

The parents of these children failed them by not preparing them for something horrible. Yes, the kids act like they don’t know how to kill an “empty”…because they don’t. They act immature and unseasoned…because they are.

Think back to when the original Walking Dead series started. Many of our favorite characters had no clue what to do when encountered with a walker. They didn’t know they had to kill the brain. Rick Grimes woke from a coma and had no idea what kind of a world he was walking out of that hospital into. Hershel Greene, a major fan favorite, was in complete denial that the walkers weren’t really the dead coming back to life.

No new series will ever stack up to a seasoned series that has run for ten years. This is a new story with new characters, and it might not be a favorite with you, but many others are enjoying the opportunity to view something new. We won’t see a new Walking Dead episode at least until the spring.

There is a large group of people who are enjoying this series, as you can see from the tweets above. They enjoy being introduced to new characters in a world similar to what we see in The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead. 

World Beyond shows us that this group, although shielded from this new world, has experienced tragedy up to the night the sky fell. Now that they have left the confines of their community, I am sure more tragedy will follow.

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