The Walking Dead 1016: Daryl and Negan had a moment

They’ll never be friends, but Daryl and Negan had a moment in The Walking Dead 1016

The world of The Walking Dead is full of complex relationships, and sometimes survival depends on choosing the lesser of two evils. When it comes to Daryl and Negan, they will likely never be friends but after killing Beta [somewhat] together in The Walking Dead season 10 finale they definitely had a moment.

When Negan told Daryl he couldn’t join in the fight, he wasn’t trying to back out of the battle. Negan knew full well Beta would be coming for him, probably more than anyone else, so why draw attention to himself? Though no one could be spared, Daryl probably saw some logic in his reasoning and didn’t give Negan’s decision to stay behind a second thought because he had enough to worry about.

The moment of Beta’s death was interesting. Negan lured him, and Daryl delivered the blows that killed him. You could argue that Daryl couldn’t have done it without Negan distracting him, and Negan couldn’t have done it because he’d already been knocked to the ground by the hulking Whisperer.

Once Beta was dead, Negan looked to Daryl and started to make a comment about Beta’s real identity but Daryl shut him down, because at the end of the day who Beta used to be doesn’t matter anymore.

When all was said and done, though, the two men bonded. Negan had every opportunity to run away, but he didn’t. He put himself in danger to help the group, and Daryl is the kind of person who understands that kind of commitment. They might not be friends, but they shared a moment that won’t be forgotten between them. When lives are on the line, Daryl and Negan will act and will (probably) have each others’ backs.

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