Watch the opening minutes of TWD: World Beyond 103

The first few minutes of TWD: World Beyond reveal a glimpse of Silas’ past

Fans are still getting to know the characters from the newest spin-off in The Walking Dead Universe and the October 18 episode of TWD: World Beyond offers a great deal of insight into the characters and the world at large. Undead Walking was given the opportunity to debut the opening minutes of the all-new episode and you’ll see that Silas’ story comes into sharper focus.

The first thing we see in the opening minutes are shaking hands that have been bloodied and bruised. The hands are shaking. When the camera pans up we see that the hands belong to Silas and he is sitting in the back of an ambulance with a shell-shocked expression on his face. His headphones are still on and they’re playing a message from his grandparents, who tell them they love him and that he’s “special” as he is being handcuffed and taken away by police.

From the look of it, this event takes place in the not-too distant past. But what does it mean?

WATCH: Opening minutes of TWD: World Beyond episode 103

After a few moments, the scene shifts to the present and Silas wakes up after hearing Hope’s voice on the walkie talkie. The group has been sleeping on the edge of the Blaze of Gory. Hope’s voice calls out from the walkie talkie, telling everyone to wake up. She’s moving forward with their plan to use the siren to lure the empties.

Iris says they decided not to go with that plan because it’s too risky, but Hope reminds her that it was Iris who decided, not Hope. Hope reminds her sister that they’re doing this for their father, and she’s not going back.

Will Hope’s plan to distract the empties work? What happened to Silas and why was he being arrested? Find out more when TWD: World Beyond “The Tyger and the Lamb” airs Sunday, October 18, immediately following an all-new episode of Fear the Walking Dead.