MVP from Fear the Walking Dead 602 ‘Welcome to the Club’

Fear the Walking Dead episode 602 took fans on an absolutely wild ride

In the premiere of Fear the Walking Dead season 6 fans caught up with Morgan 6 weeks after he was shot. Episode 602 caught up with some of the original characters during the same time frame. While viewers met some new characters, this episode was mainly focused on Strand, Alicia, Charlie, Janis, and Daniel. Fortunately, the ending also shared a cool moment between Daniel and Morgan Jones.

Viewers learn Daniel has been seemingly beaten to the point he lost his memory, all over trying to find Skidmark, and that Charlie and Janis ended up at this new facility because they didn’t adhere to Lawton’s plan for them. Mainly Strand and Alicia stole the show with their dynamic friendship and epic walker killing skills. When it comes down to the wire though, only one of these people can take the MVP crown.

This week’s MVP is Strand

While some of Strand’s actions are more than questionable, it’s clear he took a massive step forward to showcase he is a leader. Arguably fans could say the reason he and Alicia even ended up killing walkers was due to his actions, however, if they hadn’t ended up there Janis and Charlie could have perished fighting the molasses horde alone.

He pushed the story forward more than any other character this week and gave quite a few characters more respect within Lawton, which includes 4 of Fear the Walking Dead’s own team family. He did sacrifice Sanjay, a timid character fans just met, however that act saved countless others. He came up with a good system to kill the walkers and elevated himself to a position of power that would end up being the biggest benefit the group has right now.

Honorable mentions go to Dakota and Alicia. Alicia was a true warrior, she saved Charlie when a walker grabbed her and she was a walker killing machine. Dakota while not exactly right did give very important information to our group, and she helped Strand and Alicia at the beginning of the episode. If there had been a tangible weapon, she might have secured the MVP crown.

At the end of this episode Strand sends Alicia off far away from him, presumably because he plans on doing some things he isn’t proud of to help the group. Fans know though, that this friendship is far from over. Strand can get himself out of many situations so viewers have faith. For now though, Strand can enjoy his reign as MVP of the week!

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