Talking Dead returning earlier than announced, now on November 1

Talking Dead is coming back 3 weeks early to help break down the TWD Universe

The last time Talking Dead was on following The Walking Dead season 10 finale it was announced that the after show would not return until November 22. Now it seems that it’s coming back sooner, on November 1, in fact, and that’s good news for TWD fans who want to dive deep into Fear the Walking Dead and World Beyond.

Fans are being inundated with lots of new information about the greater TWD Universe thanks to Fear TWD and World Beyond, which has been a treasure trove of mythology that has been steadily building up a major new threat that can impact all three shows as well as the Rick Grimes movies.

Talking Dead has always been a place where fans can go for more information about the episodes, and it’s a smart move to bring the show back sooner because people need clarification on a lot of the plot points being explored in World Beyond. Not only that, but interviews and exclusive content is also very welcome and helps to enhance the fan experience.

The announcement about the show’s return came via social media and came with a great deal of confusion as the post directed fans to the AMC+ website for more information, leading fans to wonder whether or not it will only be available on AMC’s newest streaming service. (That’s the case as of this writing; we will continue to monitor the situation for updates as they become available)

Waiting until November 22 would make it hard to cover all of the groundwork being laid in World Beyond, and it would be close to the Fear TWD midseason finale so the show’s return wouldn’t have as much of an impact as it will have with a November 1 return.

We’re glad that Chris Hardwick will be back guiding us through the mythology being established by Fear TWD and World Beyond. Be sure to tune in when Talking Dead returns on Sunday, November 1 following an all-new episode of TWD: World Beyond.