Fear TWD: How would Madison react to Strand’s new dark path?

How would Madison see Strand’s decisions in Fear TWD season 6?

Over the course of six seasons of Fear TWD fans have seen Strand as a deceptive character and sort of an anti-hero. He has never really been a good guy, and this season certainly embarks on that. The one character who knew Strand more than himself was Madison Clark. So how would she react to this new path Strand has decided to take on? Would she have been furious or understanding?

After season 3, Strand shows a different light for about two seasons, but when it came down to it, Strand did what was necessary to keep himself alive. That is very much in character for Strand. He tried running from it, but deep down Strand knew who he was and what he was capable of doing.

As fans of Fear The Walking Dead know, Madison is no saint and has done unspeakable and horrid things to keep Nick and Alicia alive in this world. Madison would have done anything to keep her kids alive, even if it meant sacrificing herself. So how would she react to Strand being this way?

Well, Madison has dealt with Strand pulling mischievous acts since the start of the apocalypse and got used to them as much as it upset her. It is almost like she knew he HAD to do these things to keep going as she had to do god awful acts to keep her kids alive.

The bottom line is that Madison would have been upset but she would have understood his decision in the end. The bond Madison had with Strand was like no other on the show. If Madison was around during these times, it is safe to assume she would be working closely with Strand and more than likely take control of Lawton from the inside out.

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