FearTWD, Survival Rule Of The Week: The devil you don’t know

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Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

Like Fear The Walking Dead’s new cult, the devil you don’t know may be the worst

Well, it seems like everyone else is finally waking up to The Beginners (The weirdos spraying “The End Is The Beginning” everywhere) in Fear The Walking Dead.

Took them long enough. Morgan was onto them two episodes ago. Everyone else is playing Catch-Up.

Anyway, if you saw this week’s episode of Fear, then, you also saw that the threat they pose is such that even Virginia is being forced to meet the members of The Convoy halfway, trying to legitimately get them on-board in a united front against them.

And, seeing that made me realize something: In a zombie apocalypse, there will be people who you will not get along with, but, at the same time, there will also be people who will make those people you don’t get along with, look like your best friends by comparison. While the first group may be unsavory, in the face of people who are legitimately twisted, they’re infinitely more tolerable.

So, this week, I’m dedicating my Survival Rule Of The Week to tackling this issue of the devils you don’t know in the zombie apocalypse, and why you may be better off with the devils you do know.

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