The Walking Dead’s iconic season 1 walker finally gets Talking Dead memorial

Addy Miller (Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images)
Addy Miller (Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images) /

The Walking Dead’s Addy Miller finally gets recognized for her season 1 death

There are some moments from The Walking Dead that will live on in perpetuity. One incredibly important and iconic moment is when Rick Grimes killed a little girl – who was actually a walker – carrying her teddy bear on the highway. Actress Addy Miller never had her “in memoriam” segment on Talking Dead because the after show didn’t debut until the second season, but The Walking Dead Holiday Special took care of that problem.

Known as “Summer” by The Walking Dead community, Rick thought the little girl was alive until he realized that something was terribly wrong with her. She’d bent down to grab her teddy bear, but when she looked at him he knew she was no longer alive and as she came toward him he knew he had to act. Left with no choice, Rick pulled out his trusty Colt Python and shot her in the head.

Since Chris Hardwick’s Talking Dead after show didn’t come to life until season 2, actress Addy Miller never had a chance to have her walker recognized in the show’s beloved “in memoriam” segment that celebrates the losses from each episode. During the TWD Holiday Special, she finally had her chance to see “Summer” have her moment and it was everything she hoped for.

Miller expressed her happiness to have “finally found peace” in a post on social media:

It was a watershed moment for The Walking Dead, AMC and primetime television. A man had just shot a little girl in the head on television. Granted, she wasn’t alive, of course, but this set the tone for the rest of the series.

The Walking Dead would later become known as a no-holds-barred show that doesn’t hesitate to kill off anyone and everyone, from kids to animals to lead characters. And it does it regularly.

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Miller would return in season 8 to portray another walker who was recognized on Talking Dead, but now the iconic walker who set the tone for the entire television franchise has finally been laid to rest.