Fear the Walking Dead New Year’s resolutions – Luciana

What New Year’s resolutions should Luciana make on Fear the Walking Dead?

Luciana has been through it all over the past few seasons of Fear the Walking Dead. Life has never been easy for her, but season 6 has been particularly challenging for her after being separated from the people she cares about and being stuck in Tank Town. If she’s going to have a better time in the second half of season 6, these New Year’s resolutions should help.


Luciana’s role in Tank Town looked important. She was the one in charge and she was responsible for her people. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like she had much respect from Virginia or her people. Luciana will likely never move up while she’s under Virginia’s rules, so she needs to get the heck out of there. We know John Dorie found a way to escape. Luciana needs to do the same.

Build An Army

Luciana is in a unique position. Though Tank Town may have been destroyed, she still has influence over the people who worked there. She should try to convince as many people as possible to rise up against the Pioneers now that a weakness has been exposed.

If Luciana can organize all of the Tank Town survivors into an army, they could make a big dent in Virginia’s defenses.

Find A Clean, Safe Place

Luciana deserves a season where she’s not covered in goo and grime. She’s been through enough. She needs to live life in a nice house in Lawton or in a nice trailer in the caravan once she manages to get out of Virginia’s control.

The second half of season 6 is time for Luciana to make a power play so that she can finally have the kind of life she deserves after so much suffering and strife.

What do you think about these New Year’s resolutions? Do you have any other resolutions that Luciana should make? Let us know in the comments!