The Walking Dead: Maggie and Judith

Maggies and Judith’s relationship goes back to the beginning, where will it go from here?

In season three of The Walking Dead, Maggie (Lauren Cohan) had the terrible responsibility of delivering Judith, knowing that her mother, Lori (Sarah Wayne Callies), would die during the birth. On top of that, Lori’s son, Carl (Chandler Riggs), had to shoot his mother after watching the horrific c-section to ensure that she wouldn’t reanimate. Being the adult, Maggie had to shoulder this situation while being sure to care for Carl and his new sister.

The bond that was created when Maggie delivered Judith is one that can never be broken. Maggie was also the one who lovingly swaddled the newborn for the first time and carried her to meet her father. Who can forget that emotional moment? Maggie emerges from the prison, bundle in her arms when Rick (Andrew Lincoln) notices and comes unglued. He knows Lori didn’t make it from the grief written on Maggie and Carl’s faces.

Over the next seasons, before Maggie’s departure, we didn’t see a lot of interaction between Maggie and Judith. Mostly because Judith wasn’t on screen that often in her younger years, but it’s safe to say Maggie did have a hand in raising Judith, as did many of the group.

In Maggie’s absence, Judith has lost many key people in her life. Her dad Rick, who has been assumed dead until recent discovery, her brother Carl and now her mom, Michonne (Danai Gurira), has gone off to search for Rick after receiving information that may help her locate him.

Her Uncle Daryl had been MIA for quite a time presumably looking for Rick. With Daryl and Maggie’s return, whose absence spanned many years, Judith is learning that sometimes when people leave, they do return.

In the absence of Judith’s mother, will it be Maggie’s turn to step in as a mother figure for Judith?  Maggie already has a son, Hershel, who would make a great playmate for Judith and her brother RJ. These two children will need someone to take them in while both of their parents are gone.

Maggie has to feel the bond between her and Judith strongly. Remembering their beginnings and now with their reunion on top of knowing that Michonne and Rick are gone from her life. Judith and RJ will need parental support now more than ever and Maggie’s return makes her the obvious choice.

The Walking Dead will return with “Home Sweet Home” on February 28 on AMC. Hopefully, we will get some answers to where Maggie has been and what she has been doing since she left.