Fear The Walking Dead’s Danay Garcia’s podcast to feature special guest

Fear The Walking Dead cast member Danay Garcia’s podcast will feature fellow Fear cast member.

It was recently announced that additional Fear The Walking Dead episodes for season six will be released this spring. In the meantime, Danay Garcia, who plays Luciana in the series, has been busy with her podcast.

There have been five episodes so far, with a sixth one that will air on January 22. This one will be exceptional because her fellow Fear castmate Karen David, who plays Grace, will be her guest.

Garcia took to social media to share her excitement about her guest.

Garcia’s website is wonderfully laid out, so you can really get to know the actress. She is very talented and is such an encourager. Her tag line reads, “Treat yourself like a garden. Nurture. Grow. Blossom. Share.” What a beautiful mantra.

Seeds is part of her YouTube channel, where she shows us how to make authentic Cuban dishes like Arroz Con Pollo. She gives you the ingredients list and instructions on preparing the ingredients and step-by-step instructions to prepare the dish.

You can also find all her upcoming projects and all the news on what she is up to.  She has two new projects upcoming; the first is Baby Money, a film about a home invasion that turns into a shootout. The second is Spiked, a drama that follows a murdered migrant worker’s story and the discord between a newspaper owner and the police chief.

Fear TWD is set to return in the spring, most likely after the Walking Dead’s bonus episodes that start on February 28 and run until April 4. It would be great to flow right into the new episodes for Fear immediately after TWD airs.

Be sure to catch Garcia’s podcast with Karen David tomorrow, January 22.