The Walking Dead: New photos from the episode One More

The Walking Dead season ten bonus episode “One More” is one that I am really looking forward to. This episode focuses on Aaron (Ross Marquand) and Gabriel (Seth Gilliam), who are two of my favorites.

Aaron and Gabriel are two characters who have experienced much growth since we were first introduced to them.  Each one of them has come up against many obstacles and sorrow but have come out stronger on the other side.

In “One More,” the duo is in a supply run when Gabriel meets up with this new guy, Mays (Robert Patrick). Mays doesn’t seem too friendly from the table read for this episode. But, we will see if he is putting up a front, or does he mean to harm?

In the new photos, we see Aaron and Gabriel being surrounded by walkers. Can they fight their way out?

In The Walking Dead “One More,” will Aaron and Gabriel stay safe?

The synopsis for the episode tells us they will face tragedies. So, will they be able to stay safe during this supply run? Will Mays cause complications for the duo?

Both of these characters are fighters, but we also know from the synopsis that they are put to the ultimate test. We don’t know what that is but from the clips that have been released, things look to get very tense indeed.

The newly released photos show Aaron flashing a great smile but also with a very bloody hand. And, in the promo, Aaron is holding a gun to his own head. What has caused him to go to this extreme?

We also see Gabriel with looks of determination on his face. One of Gabriel’s quotes from the episode is, “There’s still goodness; you just have to look for it.” This is a common thought for a man of faith, but before he says that, he tells Aaron he doesn’t want to preach anymore and that evil people aren’t the exception to the rule any longer; they are the rule.

It will be interesting to see where Gabriel’s faith takes him. This will be a great episode, no doubt.

The Walking Dead episode “One More” is scheduled to air on March 14 on AMC, which will mean it will air on AMC+ on March 4.