The Walking Dead alum Steven Yeun receives much deserved nomination

MINARI. (L-R) Alan S. Kim, Steven Yeun
Photo by Melissa Lukenbaugh, Courtesy of A24
MINARI. (L-R) Alan S. Kim, Steven Yeun
Photo by Melissa Lukenbaugh, Courtesy of A24 /

Steven Yeun played the resourceful fan-favorite Glenn Rhee on The Walking Dead for seven years. His death was horrific at the hands of Negan, and it shocked the fandom.

Glenn first came on the scene in Atlanta when he saved Rick Grimes in the pilot episode. In the series “Hey you, dumbass,” his first line was directed at Rick, who found himself trapped in a military tank surrounded by walkers.

A humble pizza delivery guy before the outbreak, Glenn was the man who went out on supply runs and ultimately become a leader in the group. He was smart and not prone to making snap decisions, which is beneficial in an apocalyptic world.

He went on to marry Maggie, who is still alive and raising their child Hershel. Glenn is a character that is missed by many.

Steven Yeun is nominated for a SAG award for his performance in Minari.

Minari is a tale of a Korean immigrant, his family, and their journey from California to Arkansas set in the 1980s. Yeun’s character, Jacob Yi, has a dream to start a farm. He moves his wife Monica (Yeri Han), their children David (Alan Kim) and Anne  (NOel Kate Cho) and his mother-in-law Soonja (Yuh-Jung Youn) across the country to chase his dream.

The film premiered at the Sundance Film Festival to rave reviews. Yeun received high praise for his portrayal of Jacob. The 2021 SAG nominees have been announced, and Minari has received a nomination for Best Ensemble. Yeun is nominated for Male Actor in a Leading Role and Yuh-Jung Youn is nominated for Female Actor in a supporting role.

Congrats from all of us at Undead Walking!

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Yeun recently did an interview with NY Times Magazine’s Jay Caspian Kang, and I was going to include excerpts here, but you really need to read or listen to this article. It is a very personal interview that fans of Yeun will enjoy. You will learn a lot about Yeun and his family history and growing up as Korean-American. You will also learn of his journey to playing Glenn on The Walking Dead and beyond.