The Walking Dead: Thanks for telling me, sneak peek 1017

If you are an AMC+ member, you have probably already watched the first episode of The Walking Dead’s bonus season 10c. If you are waiting until Sunday, February 28, to watch on AMC, another sneak peek video has been released.

This Walking Dead clip shows Carol and Maggie at the ruins of Hilltop. Carol confesses to Maggie about Negan. And, we see Daryl stare down newcomer Cole (James Devoti).

It is a short and sweet clip that is a vital conversation between Carol and Maggie. This couldn’t have been an easy conversation for Carol to initiate.  But, since they have been friends for so long, it was best for Maggie to hear this from Carol.

Episode 1017, “Home Sweet Home,” is the first of the six bonus episodes of the extended season 10.

What can we expect from the six bonus episodes of season 10 of The Walking Dead?

We know the first episode, “Home Sweet Home,” will give us a look into Maggie’s story. The hope is that we learn more about where Maggie has been and learn about her new friends Elijah (Okea Eme-Akwari) and Cole.

Two episodes will focus on Daryl, “Find Me” and “Diverged.” One where we learn about his time away from the communities while he was searching for Rick. This episode will introduce us to the new character Leah (Lynn Collins). The second episode will be a look at Carol and Daryl and something that drives them apart.

“One More” will feature Aaron and Gabriel on a supply run when something goes wrong. This episode will introduce Mays (Robert Patrick). This episode looks to be a great one, focusing on two characters who have grown so much since we first met them.

In another episode, “Splinter,” we will find out what has happened to Euguene, Ezekiel, Yumiko and Princess. When we last saw them, they were being surrounded by soldiers assumed to be from the Commonwealth.

The final bonus episode is the highly anticipated “Here’s Negan.” Not only will we get some back story on Negan before the outbreak, but we will also get to meet his wife, Lucille. His real wife, Hilarie Burton Morgan, will portray his on-screen wife in this episode.

AMC will release the first bonus episode of The Walking Dead on Sunday, February 28.