Podcast Ep. 34: Interview with The Walking Dead’s Angela Kang

The Walking Dead is back and “Home Sweet Home” marks the beginning of the end for AMC’s flagship zombie show. The six bonus episodes will serve as a buffer between season 10 and season 11, and we had a chance to talk with The Walking Dead showrunner Angela Kang to learn how these episodes fit into the TWD Universe.

In this week’s episode, “Home Sweet Home,” the action picks up in the aftermath of the final battle with the Whisperers. Maggie has returned and she has people with her. It happens that they have been fleeing a group of people known as the Reapers. Just when she thinks it’s safe, word arrives that their camp is under attack and Hershel is in danger.

One of the many highlights of the episode was seeing Maggie back in action with Daryl. They have come so far together and seeing them fight side by side made it feel like no time had passed since Maggie left.

In the interview, Kang addresses how important it was to fit certain stories into the bonus episode and that includes Maggie’s back story and where she has been all these years.

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Kang emphasized that she enjoyed the creative freedom that the bonus episodes provided. The writers were able to craft stories that focused on the characters while also building the greater story arc.

Interestingly enough, at the end of the episode a teaser revealed that The Walking Dead season 11 is coming this summer and that means fans won’t have to wait until the fall for the all-new episodes. Thankfully these bonus episodes will keep fans engaged until the new season arrives.

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