“Home Sweet Home” proves that we need more Hershel in The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead‘s most recent episode, “Home Sweet Home,” gave us our first look at Maggie and Glenn’s son, Hershel, all grown up.

The last we saw of Hershel was early in season nine, when he was just a baby. While he was adorable then, it is amazing to see what he is like now in season 10, after the six-year time jump in season nine.

While Glenn is gone from the show now, his legacy remains through his son. Maggie has lost so many people that are important to her, so you know that she is going to do everything she can to protect him. If “Home Sweet Home” is any indication, getting in between Maggie and her son is a bad idea.

With Maggie’s return to the communities sure to be a huge focus in season 11, Hershel should have a key role to play as well, right?

After seeing only a little bit of him in The Walking Dead episode 1017, “Home Sweet Home,” it’s clear that we need to see more of Glenn and Maggie’s son, Hershel.

When Glenn was brutally murdered at the hands of Negan and the Saviors in season 7, The Walking Dead lost one of the few positive and optimistic characters it had. While some characters have tried to fill that role in the past few seasons, there is still a desperate need for some more positivity and hope on the show.

Hershel is the perfect candidate for that role. He already seems to have the laid-back, happy-go-lucky attitude that his father had. Despite all the chaos that went down during the episode and the fact that his life was at risk, Hershel was found casually chilling in a tree, greeting his mom with a simple “Hey mom,” after playfully throwing an acorn at her. He even got Daryl to flash a smile – something very few people on the show have managed to do.

Hershel also reminds viewers of Glenn by look, as he rocks a baseball cap like Glenn did in the early seasons. He’s the spitting image of Glenn, which will delight long-time fans who fell in love with the popular character before he left the show.

We know that the conflict between Maggie and Negan will be a key part of seasons 10C and 11. Hershel is almost certainly going to play a role in that, given that he serves as a daily reminder to the former leader of the Saviors of the terrible thing he did to Glenn. While Glenn may be gone from the show, Hershel can help carry on his legacy of retaining your humanity and trying to be positive, even in the darkest times.

Here’s hoping that Hershel plays a big part in the season ahead!

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