The Walking Dead: Diverged ending song, No Worries by Amateur Blonde

The Walking Dead always does a fabulous job of picking songs that fit so well with episodes’ emotions. They did it again tonight with the final song in “Diverged.”

Tonight’s song is “No Worries” by Amateur Blonde is another song that drove home the emotions being dealt with in this episode.

The problems between Carol and Daryl have been bubbling at the surface, and during the episode, we see how much they need each other.

No Worries by Amateur Blonde uses the exact words needed for this episode

“Diverged” found Daryl and Carol at a literal fork in the road, which is also a metaphor for their relationship, and they chose to go their separate ways. This episode picks up soon after the events in “Find Me.”  They had that awful fight, and things are tense.

The choice of “No Worries” by Amateur Blonde to end the episode was genius. Let’s look at the lyrics.

You made your bed,
Now just sleep in it,
And dreams will cut the words out.
I grind my teeth,
grind my teeth to chalk,
finding words to say to you.
Any fool,
Fool can carry on,
with grand delusions.
Any dog,
Dog like me could find,
the best way through the fence…
You just don’t think about the time.
You just don’t focus on the time. Oh,
Of all the things you planned and never did.
Of all the things you asked of me…
While you worried ’bout the time.
You just worried ’bout the time.
Oh, oh, oh
This neighborhood,
This hood’s a border town,
Plagued by numbers.
This fallen tree,
Tree turned into boards,
boarding-up the doors to you.
Of all the things you planned and never did.
Of all the things you asked of me…
All the things you said, and never did.
Oh all the things you promised me.

Here is my interpretation of the lyrics in regards to where Daryl and Carol find themselves:

The argument has been had, and now they must deal with what was said. Because they let things fester for so long, they can’t even have a conversation at this point because emotions are too high. Both of them have delusions that things can be ok instead of dealing with them. Both Carol and Daryl are good at getting themselves out of sticky situations but can’t deal with this fight they have had. The plans, they have joked about leaving together, but there is a seriousness behind these plans. Alexandria has been damaged, and there are too many people making it difficult to provide for them all. They both feel the pressure of providing for this group.

Carol and Daryl will get over this fight they had. They’ve been friends for too long for even a fight like this to come between them. This song speaks volumes about where their relationship is in the episode.

The Walking Dead returns to AMC on April 4 with the final bonus episode, “Here’s Negan.” Fans of Negan have been waiting for this episode, and from the looks of it, it will be outstanding.

This episode can be streamed on AMC+ on Thursday, April 1.