Walking Dead: Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s son to guest star on the series

Jeffrey Dean Morgan Comic Con panel July 19, 2019 in San Diego, California. (Photo by Jesse Grant/Getty Images for AMC)
Jeffrey Dean Morgan Comic Con panel July 19, 2019 in San Diego, California. (Photo by Jesse Grant/Getty Images for AMC) /

The Walking Dead’s Jeffrey Dean Morgan was a guest on The Late Late Show with James Corden this week. He gave some updates on filming, and he shared some exciting news. Morgan’s son, Gus Morgan, will be guest-starring on the series as a featured walker in episode five of the final season.

Morgan went on to share a funny moment that his son experienced a few years ago. They had done some zombie makeup on him, and his son looked at his reflection and passed out. Morgan said he just recollected that moment and thinks it will be interesting to see Gus’s reaction when he is in full walker makeup for the episode.

They also discussed that his whole family has been living in Georgia with him while filming. He said this has been very different because, in years past, he would be away from his family while he was filming. His wife, Hilaire, recently starred in the bonus episode “Here’s Negan,” where she played his on-screen wife, and this was the first time they shared screen time.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan shares some filming updates for the finale season of The Walking Dead

Morgan stated that they have been filming since March 2021, and they will have an entire year of filming for the final season. The scheduled end date for filming will be March 2022. He gave an update on the progress, and they are currently filming episode four of season eleven. The filming for the series has recently changed over to digital, which is a quicker process than using film, which they have done for the earlier seasons.

During the season 10 finale, AMC announced that season eleven will premiere on August 22, 2021. There is still much of the story to be told to end this series. Fans are all eager to see how their favorite character’s storylines will play out in this final season. There are many conversations about additional spin-offs series. It is confirmed that Daryl and Carol will have a series and the Tales of The Walking Dead anthology is also in the works.

In the interview with Corden, they also discussed Morgan’s new movie, The Unholy, which premiered last week at #2 at the box office. This movie is a supernatural horror film in which Morgan plays a disgraced journalist who stumbles upon a story about a girl who is reported to have supernatural healing powers. The trailer looks amazing, and fans have given the film rave reviews.

You can view Morgan’s interview with Corden below.

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The Walking Dead returns to AMC on August 22, 2021, with its final season’s premiere.