Fear the Walking Dead alum stands out in Peacock’s Rutherford Falls

Four years ago, Michael Greyeyes was nominated for Best Guest Performance in a Television Series at the Saturn Awards based on his performance as Qaletaqa Walker on AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead.

He has been stealing scenes in movies and television shows since 1993 when he was Juh on the TV series Geronimo. Roles in huge projects like True Detective, Crazy Horse, Klondike, and True Detective.

The latest project from Greyeyes is playing Terry Thomas on the Peacock original series Rutherford Falls. In the show, the actor plays the role of a tribal leader focused on making his people flourish at the expense of social life.

Fans of Fear the Walking Dead know just how talented Michael Greyeyes is. Still, there is something special about his work on this new show that makes it absolutely worth watching, even though it is such a departure from his work on the AMC zombie drama series.

Why is Rutherford Falls worth watching for Fear the Walking Dead fans?

Although it is billed as a comedy, those who watch Rutherford Falls shouldn’t be expecting to be laughing their butts off consistently. The humor is very subtle, but the story involving the history of the community is enough to draw viewers in.

Rutherford Falls is co-created by Michael Schur, Ed Helms, and Sierra Teller Ornelas. Schur is best known for his work on amazing programs like The Office, Parks & Recreation, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and much more. Meanwhile, Ed Helms has experience as a producer on Corporate Animals and Cedar Falls, with Sierra Teller Ornelas being a part of Superstore and Happy Endings.

As for the cast, Michael Greyeyes is joined by Ed Helms and Jana Schmieding as the featured players with several great guest appearances from actors such as Paul F. Thompkins, Mimi Gianopulos, and many others.

The story is a sensitive one that is handled in a fun and interesting way. The town of Rutherford Falls is struggling with a bit of a dark history that comes to light when the legitimacy of a statue of the founder comes into question. It walks the line of politics without crossing over it and gives all these amazing actors opportunities to shine and see people of all backgrounds interact with each other.

The entire first season of Rutherford Falls is available on the Peacock streaming service and stretches ten episodes. Fans of Michael Greyeyes will need to check out his excellent work on the amazing show…and who knows, maybe Qaletaqa Walker will return to Fear the Walking Dead one day.