Fear the Walking Dead’s Lincoln A. Castellanos stars in Mayans MC

Photo Credit: Justin Lubin/AMC
Photo Credit: Justin Lubin/AMC /

In season one of Fear the Walking Dead, we met a guy who attended high school at Madison’s (Kim Dickens) school. His name was Tobias, and he was played by Lincoln A. Castellanos. He was actively following the news about a mysterious virus and became paranoid about what this could mean.

Tobias started carrying a knife for protection which almost got him expelled from school. Madison intervened, saving him from being kicked out of school. When the outbreak hits, Tobias again meets Madison in the empty school where he is searching for food, and she is finding drugs to help her son Nick (Frank Dillane), a drug addict, to get clean without doing so ‘cold turkey.’

They end up joining forces to fight off one of the zombified staff members, and Madison then drives him home. She tells him that he and his family are welcome to stay with her family for protection, but he denies her help. That is the last we see of Tobias, but it was confirmed that he escaped before Operation Cobalt hit LA.

Castellanos shared an announcement on his IG page that he would be co-starring in the season finale of Mayans MC.

Lincoln A. Castellanos had one of his dreams come true by starring in the FX series Mayans MC

Castellanos shared that 2 years ago, he was at a comic con; remember those? And some exec from FX like his look and transformed him into a Mayan by adding tats and a vest to complete the look. From that day on, he envisioned himself one day starring in the Mayans MC series.

Now, his dream has come true, and he played one of the Mayans in the season three finale. This episode aired on May 11 on FX.

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Castellanos other works include Roadies, The Mentalist, I am Gangster, Fresh off the Boat and Paint it Red. He will be lending his voice talents to a new video game Far Cry 6.

Congrats to Lincoln A. Castellanos for being able to make his dream a reality.