Did you know that May is Zombie Awareness Month?

Image of a zombie, The Walking Dead 101 "Day's Gone Bye". The Walking Dead (2010). Photo credit: AMC/Gene Page
Image of a zombie, The Walking Dead 101 "Day's Gone Bye". The Walking Dead (2010). Photo credit: AMC/Gene Page /

In 2007 The Zombie Research Society established Zombie Awareness Month to be set in May each year. The purpose is to raise awareness about the undead and the inevitable zombie apocalypse. Many fans of The Walking Dead feel they are ready for whatever is to come.

In May, the Zombie Research Society encourages people to educate themselves about the undead. They choose the month of May as many notable zombie films are set in that month. And, as springtime comes around, it gives people a sense of hope and renewal which is a drastic contrast to the dark concept of the threat of zombies in an apocalypse.

Many other organizations and fans recognize this month and celebrate in numerous ways. Some host charitable events, others attend cons with undead themes, and others choose to simply wear a grey ribbon to use as a conversation piece to spread awareness.

Why are people so attracted to zombies and the thought of an apocalypse?

The end of the world has always been something that we are warned about. It could be biological warfare, terrorism, global warming, a virus that gets out of control, or any other number of things. But, why is it such an interesting topic to a large number of people? There are many films, comics, games and books that focus on this subject, some that include the rising of the dead.

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Some think that our fascination with an apocalypse goes deeper than just being entertained. They feel it has more to do with our fears of society collapsing. It is an unknown that hasn’t been experienced, and the thought of people really coming back to life as a flesh-eating monster is terrifying. So, we use entertainment to make light of it and hope to God it never occurs.

Perhaps you can celebrate Zombie Awareness month by watching The Walking Dead or any of the numerous other films and shows in the genre.