Fear the Walking Dead season 7 will see John Dorie Sr again?

Keith Carradine as John Dorie Sr., Craig Nigh as Hill- Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 13 - Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC
Keith Carradine as John Dorie Sr., Craig Nigh as Hill- Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 13 - Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC /

The sixth season of Fear the Walking Dead ended with a literal bang as cult leader Teddy Maddox and his followers launched a nuclear warhead. Now, fans are anxious to see what happens next. Season seven started filming while the sixth season was airing, and it is anyone’s guess where the story will go. The threat of Teddy is gone, but what will come next?

One new character who has brought an interesting story is John Dorie Sr. (Keith Carradine). This man is John Dorie’s (Garret Dillahunt) father, a detective who decades ago planted evidence on a man he knew was guilty so that the man could be put away. It just so happens that the man was Teddy Maddox, leader of a cult, who committed a string of murders.

Dorie Sr. was able to confront Teddy once again, and although he wasn’t the one to end Teddy’s life, he got the satisfaction of witnessing it. Dorie Sr., with his daughter-in-law June (Jenna Elfman), was able to hide away in the bunker Teddy had readied for himself to stay protected after the nukes were detonated. Will we see John Dorie Sr. in Fear the Walking Dead season seven?

Fear the Walking Dead, John Dorie Sr.

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Jenna Elfman, Austin Amelio, Christine Evangelista, Keith Carradine  Fear the Walking Dead Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC /

In an interview with TWDUniverse on Twitch, showrunner Ian Goldberg stated that Dorie Sr. will play a major role in season 7. This is exciting news as many thought we wouldn’t see him survive this season. It will be interesting to see what role he plays in Fear the Walking Dead going forward.

Doris Sr. had a lot of emotional baggage to unpack this season. Between the knowledge that his son died and dealing with the fact he abandoned his son at a young age and was never able to reconcile had to be a tough blow. Luckily for him, his son penned a letter before his death mentioning the fact that he had forgiven his father for leaving him.

Carradine is a great actor, and you can see him in Madam Secretary, The Big Band Theory and Dexter, to only name a few of his projects. Next up, he will star in The Power of the Dog, The Daylong Brothers and Sallywood. 

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The seventh season of Fear TWD will release later this year, most likely after part 1 of season 11 of The Walking Dead airs its finale on October 10.