25 best cities for surviving a zombie apocalypse

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Memphis, TN

When people think of Memphis in regards to the topic of flesh-eating cannibal corpses, not many would determine that it was actually one of the best places to be if a zombie apocalypse was to take place.

One of Memphis’ key industries is food and beverage processing and manufacturing, and due to its abundance of resources at the ready from endeavoring to excel in this field has garnered the city in Tennessee a solid place to be able to maintain a plentiful food supply should this type of disaster occur.

There is also the fact there are some superb places to hideout from the armies of the undead. One of which is Mud Island, a small peninsula that stretches out into the Mississippi River. The water is a great way to block the odor of human flesh from the snouts of hungry zombies, and the fact that cannibal corpses are not known for their swimming skills, the three walls of water offer up some reliable fortification.

The Pyramid Building in downtown Memphis might be the best safe haven for individuals to make their way towards in the event of an apocalyptic living corpse invasion. The fact that there is a Bass Pro Shop located inside, which literally has everything needed to survive this type of matter, makes it among the most ideal places to be when the zombie drama takes over.