25 best cities for surviving a zombie apocalypse

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Juneau, AK

The biggest state in the USA, Alaska, has been deemed one of the best spots to be when the zombies come to eat everyone’s brains. But considering it is so massive, the question that pops up is where exactly should one post up in order to survive the wrath of the undead? While there are many places to choose from, it seems like the capital, Juneau, may be the best-case scenario.

There are plenty of reasons Alaska ranks high as an effective sanctuary against a smorgasbord of living dead hostiles. It’s hard for the virus to spread because there are the fewest people per square mile out of the entire country. The population of Juneau is relatively low as well, with just over 32,00 as opposed to places like Anchorage, which is in the six-digit region.

It is good to remember as well that Alaska has the second most gun users, so it’s safe to say the citizens of Juneau are packing heat, and finding the means to defend themselves against the cannibal corpse invaders is reasonably high. Alaska is also in the top ten when it comes to the percentage of people that are physically active and the number of zombie genre enthusiasts.

In a place where people survive low temperatures, bears and wolves, it’s hard to imagine anyone from Juneau having a hard time with slow-moving corpse people.