25 best cities for surviving a zombie apocalypse

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Salt Lake City, Utah

It’s too bad more characters in shows like The Walking Dead or movies like Dawn of the Dead don’t make their way to a place called Salt Lake City, Utah. This capital city happens to be one of the absolute best the nation has to offer when it comes to protection from a plague of undead invaders for a number of significant reasons proving that it should be placed very high on everyone’s list of places to go should the worst occur.

Their defensive capabilities may not rank as high as others, but the Utah capital does do well in certain areas. According to a story from The Salt Lake Tribune, the city has an abundant supply of food and access to food manufacturing capabilities ensuring people don’t die of starvation while trying not to be eaten themselves.

Other outlets have suggested that the Utah city’s ability to contain the virus would be very high, reaching the upper echelons of the zombie survival metrics. Looking at their workforce numbers, a large number of engineers and construction workers are on Salt Lake City’s roster. With that many skilled individuals on the team, they could quickly build a wall or properly fortify necessary shelters.

Out of all the possible cities a survivor has to choose from when it comes to making their carefully calculated post-zombie apocalypse plans, Salt Lake City is, without a doubt, one of the best options available.