25 best cities for surviving a zombie apocalypse

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Prescott, Arizona. (Photo by Josh Brasted/Getty Images)
Prescott, Arizona. (Photo by Josh Brasted/Getty Images) /

Prescott, AZ

The state of Arizona probably isn’t the first place people would think when it comes to the best location for fighting off the zombie apocalypse in a scenario similar to what is seen on Fear the Walking Dead. But according to several studies, AZ is one of the safest places to survive a living corpse epidemic, and of all places within its borders to rank high in enduring the fallout that would occur is the city of Prescott.

The travel site known as Hopper and the real estate search firm called Estately has Arizona ranked pretty high. There were many factors that were taken into consideration, like the number of hospitals within the state as well as being the home of the Department of Zombie Defense. But Tuscan and Phoenix may not be the best options, and people looking to not become an undead annoyance to society should think about taking their talents to the town they call Prescott.

A report from Realtor.com placed Prescott, AZ, in the top ten of best cities to survive when zombies try to destroy the world. The number of weapons on hand, medical professionals, fortified buildings, law enforcement, military, alternative power sources, freshwater supply, and population density all showcased that the Arizona city is a better fit to live a long life in a post-apocalyptic zombie paradise than Los Angeles, New York, or Miami.

Prescott, Arizona may not sound like the most thrilling place on Earth, but it will definitely not disappoint when it comes to protecting those within its city limits during the uprising of the walking dead.