25 best cities for surviving a zombie apocalypse

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Denver, Colorado

According to the Denver Post, the city in Colorado is the number one city with the best ability to contain any kind of zombie virus.

When trying to survive a zombie apocalypse, it has become pretty clear after years of watching The Walking Dead and its spinoffs that the best way to accomplish such an ambitious goal during the world’s darkest hour is to forget about its offense and focus on defense in order to keep the undead at bay to offer salvation for survivors.

This type of ordeal takes manpower and not just someone with a pair of hands willing to get them dirty. Unfortunately, it takes some bright minds to construct ways to keep zombies outside the safe zone, like engineers, which Denver, Colorado happens to have a high percentage of within its city limits.

Their population is riddled with all kinds of capable engineers from a variety of fields as well as containing a large number of construction workers meaning any of those people that aren’t flesh-eating monsters are able to help defend and rebuild in a manner that could very well guarantee the longevity of the human race through these difficult times.

Another factor assisting Denver’s survivability rate is the low population density, meaning the cannibal corpse causing bug is harder to spread.