25 best cities for surviving a zombie apocalypse

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Washington, D.C.

If anyone has ever been to the nation’s capital, they may have noticed the abundance of security in play. Of course, the place the President and most of the country’s leaders work in is going to have extremely high levels of protection which is why it’s been ranked one the best cities out there that could potentially survive an onslaught of zombie invaders.

The District of Columbia has all the right personnel needed for a metropolis to withstand the undead. Their population has high numbers of medical professionals, engineers, and construction workers, all needed to contain and possibly cure the zombie plague. There is also the fact that the amount of police, military, and secret service personnel is very high, which also means there are a lot of resources at the ready to arm these individuals should an attack occur.

Having the right people to fight off the waves of cannibal corpses is one thing, but finding the proper structures to keep the others safe while they lay down suppressive fire is a whole other animal. Thankfully, the buildings in D.C. are also very secure if one can batten down the hatches in time, and it’s safe to assume there are a plethora of safe rooms and underground bunkers to hold up in until the worst is over.

D.C. may still have some work to do when it comes to stopping riots from the living, but when it comes to the living dead, it seems they may be poised for victory.